We make cold room at any size from +25 0 C - 40 0 C. We make PUF panels to 40 mm to 150 mm thickness.

We have supplied cold room to

  1. Diaries

  2. Fish, meat & other marine products processing units

  3. Fruits and vegetable cold rooms

  4. Cold room for Ice cream

  5. Foods processing units

  6. Hatchery

  7. Medicine storages

  8. Controlled temperature warehouses

  9. Biscuits and cake factories

  10. Banana ripening chambers

  11. Poultry farms

  12. Blast freezers

  13. Frozen foods

  14. Floriculture

  15. Mortuary

  16. Walk-in Cold Room

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Cold Room

Cold Room

Cold Room

Process Hall

Cold Room

Riser Panels

Processing Room with SS Panel